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305 articles in 4 volumes / 3650 pages
22.5 x 20 x 28 cm (9 x 8 x 11.2 inches)
Hardcover, Full Color, in English
ISBN 975-6782-17-X


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The Ottoman Empire not only preserved its rule and dominance over the largest land area, spread over three continents, surviving as the longest-living dynasty in history, but also formed the infrastructure for the Turkish republic with its political. Social and cultural heritage. It is accepted that the Turkish Republic is the legitimate successor of the Ottoman State.

It is obvious that the scientific, cultural and artistic activities, which have been taking place within the context of the 700th anniversary celebrations, have helped us to a better understanding of the unique position of the Ottoman Empire in world history.

"The Great Ottoman-Turkish Civilisation", prepared by Yeni Turkiye, to date, has been the most comprehensive study concerning the Ottoman State. One of the significant peculiarities of this study, in which the Ottoman Empire is examined as a whole with its political, social and economic structure and civilisation, is that it brings together Turkish and foreign scholars who specialise in Ottoman history. In addition, this works is of significance not only for the culture of our country, but also for that of the world.

This study is unique in that it will form a comprehensive and scientific source for new generations that may have an interest in learning about the history of our Republic.

I am grateful to Yeni Turkiye for preparing such a comprehensive and magnificent work on the Ottoman Empire, especially when it is taken into consideration that just over a year ago, they published a five volume special issue in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey; I hope that this study will be a useful source for scholars and researchers.

Istemihan TALAY

Minister of Culture

* A list of the distinguished libraries who acquired this masterpiece of Ottoman historiography

Yale University Library / University Library (USA)University of Chicago / University Library (USA)Harvard Law School Library (USA)Princeton University / University Library (USA)Massachussete Institute of Technology / University Libraries (USA)University of California / University Libraries (USA)Getty Research Library (USA)University of Wisconsin / William D. Mc Intrye Library (USA)University of Virginia / Alderman Library (USA)Emory University / Woodruff Library (USA)Binghamton University / University Library (USA)University of Arkansas / University Libraries (USA)University of Oklahoma Libraries (USA)Long Island University / B.Davis Schwartz Memorial Library (USA)University of Kentucky / William T. Young Library (USA)Colgate University Library (USA)Dartmouth College / Berry Library (USA)Williams College Library (USA)Arthur M.Sackler Gallery / Freer Gallery of Art Library (USA)Brown University / Rockfeller University (USA)University of Birmingham / Main Library (UK)Durham University / University Library (UK)National University of Singapore / Central Library (SINGAPORE)Bar-Ilan University / Wurzweiler Central Library (ISRAEL)Ben Gurion University / Chaim Herzog Center (ISRAEL)Bibliotheque Publique et Universitaire (SWITZERLAND)Islamwissenschaft Seminar Für Orientalistik (GERMANY)Universitaet Bonn / Bibliothek Geograph Institut (GERMANY)Freie Universitaet Berlin / Institut für Turkologie Bibliothek (GERMANY)Institut für Arabistik und Islamwissenschaft Seminar für Orientalistik (GERMANY)Universita ca Foscari Venezia Dip. – Di Scienze dell’Antichita’e del Vicino Oriente-Sezione del Vicino Oriente (ITALY)King Fahd National Library (KINGDOM of SAUDI ARABIA)The Royal Library / Department of Orientalia and Judaica(DENMARK)

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